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To help you decide if I'm the right fit for you, I offer a 20-minute phone consultation free of charge. (Use the form below.)

I appreciate the effort it takes to find the right therapist. A positive relationship with your therapist is as crucial to your progress as the method you use. You can learn more about my practice here, or about me here.

Shirin Shoai LMFT psychotherapy office




(415) 663-6071  


3223 Lakeshore Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610

Free two-hour parking in the Trader Joe's parking lot across the street; metered street parking along Lakeshore.



My fee is $190 per 50-minute session, and my practice works on a weekly session model (i.e., every Tuesday at 5pm). I offer a limited number of reduced-fee slots based on availability and true financial need (currently these slots are full).


I am not paneled with any insurance companies. If your insurer covers out-of-network therapists, I'm happy to provide you with a monthly "superbill" statement that you can submit to your provider for your reimbursement. Please confirm coverage with your insurer prior to scheduling a consultation.

Questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • Does my plan provide me with out-of-network reimbursement for psychotherapy?

  • Am I covered to see a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist?

  • Is there a deductible I need to meet before you will reimburse me?

  • Is there a limit to how many sessions will you cover?

  • How much of the fee will be reimbursed? (Note: If they cover a percentage of the "allowed fee," ask how much the allowed fee is, because it may be lower than my full fee. For instance, if the allowed fee is $80 and they cover 30%, you will only be reimbursed $24 per session.)

  • Do I need a mental health diagnosis on the statement I receive from my therapist?

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