Ready to make some changes?

Hey there. If you've found your way to my website, you're experiencing some distressing challenges in your life—maybe in your career, your relationships, or your overall sense of well being—and you might want to make sense of it all. Maybe you've been meaning to make some important changes, but you're not sure where to start. Or, you've been in therapy before, and you're ready to try a new approach or deepen the work from where you are now. 

We may be a good fit if you want help with:

  • clarifying your needs in relationship, getting out of it what you're putting in, or deciding whether you even want one

  • setting healthy boundaries around your time, emotional energy, or activities

  • navigating life after the loss of a person, job, relationship, or life stage—or anticipating a difficult transition

  • letting go of behavioral patterns based in relational trauma or childhood emotional neglect

  • building resilience to shame, rejection, and criticism—especially your own inner critic

  • supporting changes that increase self-esteem, autonomy, and confidence

  • reflecting on issues of identity, purpose, and meaning: expressing who you know you are amidst cultural or family expectations

As your therapist, I offer a welcoming, nonjudgmental space reserved just for you.

Therapy offers empathy, insight, and new ways to respond to life's challenges. No matter what difficulties we’ve encountered—or will continue to encounter—each one of us has an inner compass that can guide our healing. In therapy, you’ll learn how to tap into this place, listen to its wisdom for you, and make new choices.

If you're ready, I'd love to support you. Get in touch today for a free 20-minute phone consultation.